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Colony Conglomerate 1.

Colony conglomerate 2

Colony conglomerate 2

Colony conglomerate 3

Colony conglomerate 3

 The harmonized diversity is the major inspiration of the concept "Colony Conglomerate". Like in nature we can find conglomerate rocks, also in human society, it's not utopia to see different humans from different ethnicity and race to share life together and to live in peace and harmony. That harmony gives to live new colors and forms that are an inspiration for me. Colony Conglomerate is a continuation of my previous concept "Birth of a colony". Different colonies are mixed together like a fossil into the rock and they are giving metaphorical new shapes of the human race and after all, that is a good solution for our actual issues.

©Rafail Georgiev – Raffò






Title: " Colony Conglomerate 1."

Dimensions : 170 X 170 X 110 cm

Material : lime stone

Place : Givat Shmuel, Israel

Year: 2017

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