Online articles and text about Rafail Georgiev-Raffò

Recent videos and interviews from Rafail Georgiev-Raffò

Interview on Tv- Vratza // Tv Show Kofein

Reporter Polya Tzvetanova Camera Ivailo Nelov

// 2020

Bulgarian culture institute in Moscow online: Video bridge "Sofia - Moscow" on the Kultura.RF portal

Sculptor Rafail Georgiev about himself, about his teachers and exhibitions in different countries.

Series "Young and Recognized" // 2020

Interview on the national Tv7 // 2015

Reportage on the exhibition "Organic matrices" - Rafail Georgiev-Raffò and Alain Eschenlauer on the Bulgarian national tv // 2015

Interview reportage in the Chervenata tochka gallery in Sofia for the exhibition "Organic Matrices" on the BIT TV // 2015

Video Reportage Laura Giovanna Bevione

workshop in Festivale del verde e paesaggio in Auditorium in Rome, Italy // 2013

Invitation for the 4th International sculpture symposium in Santa Ana, Costa Rica // 2017

Online articles about exhibition in the Red Dot Gallery in Sofia 

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