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Dissolving out

Dissolving 4

Dissolving 4

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Dissolving 7

"Dissolving" concept is inspired by the natural processes of movement or transforming one material to another physical or metaphysical condition.

The dissolution of gases, liquids, or solids is a matter that interests not only science but also art.

The artists that are working with materials are changing their state of form and put the natural material to non-natural conditions to accomplish their ideas. The main desire of an artist that is manipulating the materials is to manage to make metamorphosis and harmony between his concept and the material.

In "Dissolving" I'm searching one middle point of a transforming process inside a block of stone or wood through organic elements that remind some underwater organisms.

©Rafail Georgiev – Raffò



Title: " Dissolving "

Dimensions :  260 X 70 d cm

Material: oak tree, color

Place: Bad Salzungen, Germany

Year: 2016

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