Floyd Arch

“The deep understanding of the nature it is one of the fundamental topics in the sculptures that I made in the last 4 - 5 years. In the projects "Floyd Column" and "Floyd Arc" I'm trying to imagine this invisible movement of the floyds. Everything is "Floyd" in our material world! What it means? Means that for example the rock is becoming sand and sand becomes rock, the rock becomes moutain and this circle of metamorphosis is because of the floyds that are in one eternal movement. This phenomenon it is the major inspiration of my project . I decided to use simple initial forms like a the column, the arc and in the sculpture "Temple of elements" also reflection of the architecture of the antique temples, because I think that one of the ways to translate this phenomenon " Nature " is through the mathematical abstraction.
© Rafail Georgiev – Raffò

Title : "Floyd Arch"

Dimensions : 200 X 90 X 150cm

Material : sequoia tree

Place : Chaumont-Sur-Tharonne, France

Year: 2015

* Prize of the Jury (Biennale De Sologne)


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