I'm free from Pandora 

The mythological figure of the beautiful girl Pandora and the myth of the Pandora box were interpreted in many different points of view . For somebody the content of the box or jar was the evil and illness, but for others when Pandora open the box she release only the good things for the humanity and the good benefits for the people. Well, I think like in most of the cases of duality in our world it always depend on the point of view. I see this story more as a physical event that it may causes release of one substance that can develope it's self when being outside and free of it's prevoius physical prison. I understand this free forming structure, that is going outside of the cube more as a methaphore of the free mind that is trying to go out - to escape from the stereotypes of his society and the frames of daily typicality. " I'm free from Pandora " - it is more as a personal statement that declares it's desirers to say something different something "wrong", to differentiate it's self from the major expectations and to be ready to change it's language and it's meaning in order to be free and authentic.

©Rafail Georgiev – Raffò


Title : " I'm free from Pandora"

Dimensions :  330 X 70 X 70 cm

Material : lime stone

Place : Yavne, Israel

Year: 2018

All rights reserved © 2009 - 2018 Rafail Georgiev - Raffò

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