Mental Curves

I work from a lot of years with geometric forms that reminds about the classic architecture like the arches, vaults and columns. With this project I want to concentrate the attention on the fact that all thoose geometrical prisms, curves and forms are created with our human mental functions and imagination. I like the paradox between the surrealistic and in formalistic curves inside. Regarding the history in general, she's or realistic or formalistic and It always depends on the point of view that the persons with power had. So If I can describe that hypothesis with geometry it is going to be with the sculpture "Mental Curves".  

©Rafail Georgiev – Raffò



Title : " Mental Curves"

Dimensions :  200 X 65 X 65 cm

Material : Marble

Place : Craiova, Romania

Year: 2017

All rights reserved © 2009 - 2020 Rafail Georgiev - Raffò

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