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Not strained right node





Why knot?
Knot because it is a symbol of strength and connectivity. In this case, the knot is just connecting two lines (two way), but they are not tight, because I look for the lightness of the movement in the composition. Lightness comes from the contact of the rope with the wind (important compositional element) that contacts both ropes and they are wrapping into each other, reminding a love dance with their outlines contours. I found the moment that precedes tightening of the knots – a moment of weightlessness and without temporality. In the sculpture “right node “, I was looking at the paradox of the materials to express a gentle and smooth movement of the elastic and soft material such as rope with the expression of hard, cold marble, which is the antipode of the rope.

© Rafail Georgiev – Raffò





Title: " Not strained right node"

Dimensions : 69 X 17 X 17

Material: marble, granite

Place: Sofia, Bulgaria

Year: 2010

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