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In the maternal womb

In the maternal womb

In the maternal womb

In the maternal womb

In the maternal womb

In the maternal womb

In the maternal womb

Beginning with the theme about the women who suffered and sacrificed their lives in the Second World War in Cassino (Italy) to protect their children from the deadly bombs and brutal date-rapes during the liberation of Italy of the fascism. I decided to focus my attention on the beginning of life itself with the work “In the womb” of the “maternal womb” which occurs the alchemy of life – the growth of the embryo. I believe that the womb it’s sacred space where life takes form and substance, seeking perfection and maximum potential, to come out into the world. First of all, studying the phenomenon of growth in the womb, as an ‘idea, I decided to synthesize this shape that reminds me of my previous sculptural project called “Temple of the Elements” made ​​in Palombara Sabina (RM) in 2012. Changing the proportion of arcs and the internal curves, making them like a verticality the human body I change the architecture of the form, but the sense of the sacred Temple continues, applying it to the idea of the womb. The sphere which gravitates free into space among the marble masses is a representation of new life – the perfect life. This is my idea about nature that it is finding its way to survive among all the destruction that our own humankind it causes to her, but she continues to exist more strong and more bright than before.

© Rafail Georgiev – Raffò



In the maternal Womb of Rafail Georgiev – Raffò, configures a conceptual stylization leaning against the edge figuration and abstraction, the mystery of Life for us is an absolute, such as the death, in terms of a simple geometry and complex, at the same time a column, in which we get a riverbed alluding to the center of which is an ovo(egg), a circular shape that suggests the mystery, versus the infinity.

Prof. Francesco Gallo Mazzeo – curator and critic of art




Title: In the maternal womb"

Dimensions : 200 X 70 X 70 cm

Material: marble (royal perlato)

Place: Villa Comunale, Cassino(VT), Italy

Year: 2014

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