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Four genetic gates 

Four Genetic Gates

Four Genetic Gates

Four Genetic Gates

Four Genetic Gates

Why genetic gates? The main argument that interests me is the origins of the world. Through sculpture and several architectural elements, I reach the right shape to describe my idea. The gates have a lot of meanings, in the case of my sculpture, the gate is a synonym of the vulva – the “gate” that life it`s going out from / the birth. Why the gates are four?  The architectonic shape of this work is created from four faces and it`s crossed like the plant of the Christian church. Considering that the “Mother” of all that is living in our world is a sacred subject, the only perspective of creating this idea for me was through the sacred architecture. The gates are four because the directions in our world are four (north, east, south, west). I’m trying to create a symbolic artifact that is “turned off” for now. Through the gates of this artifact, life went out a million years ago, until the day that will need “wake up” to release the new shape – new life. The hemispherical signs were concave memory of the “birth”. Imagining different concepts of the origins of our archetypes, sculptural spirit it materializes, it hardens in the form, in stone.

©Rafail Georgiev – Raffò





Title : "Four Genetic Gates"

Dimensions : 250 X 100 X 100 cm

Material : sandstone (peperino)

Place : Calcata Vecchia(VT) , Italy

Year: 2013

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