Radio kills the video star

Music is a neverending inspiration for me and therefore, since music find It’s a form of a horn in my works I have been developing it in different sculptures.
The three vertical horns are placed as If they are speakers who are giving a signal for important news or just playing music. 
The unformed volumes in the middle are representing the wild spirit and archetypical power which are on the bottom of all the artistic creation, including the music.
The name of the project is aiming the opposite of the 
the famous song of the music band Buggles - “Video killed the radio star”, because the music is much more powerful than any picture or video.

©Rafail Georgiev – Raffò


Title: " Radio kills the video star"

Dimensions :  250 X 60 X 60 CM

Material: Diabase (granite)

Place: Alanya, Turkey

Year: 2019

All rights reserved © 2009 - 2020 Rafail Georgiev - Raffò

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