Sub water landscape

“Sub water landscape” is a project that I consider as a very unconscious
and personal desire for liberty and freedom. Felling relaxed and weightless in the water, human eyes can see and feel this unordinary life
that is so different and very wild and it has his own logic and particular movement. 
All the known and unknown organism structures that are growing in this underwater world are involved in my artistic researching. The forms are not illustrating but they are reminding.

I`m looking and dreaming about the archetypes that are containing in them everything and in the same way have nothing.
Felling free to express that forms - that is how I fell when I`m working on this underwater sea topic. 

©Rafail Georgiev – Raffò






Title: " Sub water landscape"

Dimensions : 190 X 120 X 140 cm

Material: Marble

Place: Cetraro Marina (CS), Italy

Year: 2016

All rights reserved © 2009 - 2020 Rafail Georgiev - Raffò

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