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Temple of the elements

The metaphorical title of the work of marble was inspired by the theme of the four elements – Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. Considering the complexity of this issue I decided to synthesize the elements of water and wind in a sculptural – architectural monument – “Temple of the elements.” Based on the fact that water is a passive element and the wind active element, take into consideration their contact and that the waves above and below the water …  The four elements are always in contact with one another in one way or another. I also find it very interesting that between the building modules of the sculpture penetrates the air blown by the wind, a memory of the history. A temple is a sacred place where people worship gods. These connections of the past inspire our present and future will always depend on the natural elements that characterize determine the life of our planet

Rafail Georgiev – Raffò







Title: "Temple of the elements"

Dimensions : 230 X 130 X 130 cm

Material: roman travertine

Place: Palombara Sabina(RM), Italy

Year: 2012




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