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Twins connection

Twins can be not only determined scientifically like monozygotic or dizygotic (Identical or fraternal), but I prefer to use the twins in the case of my sculpture-like metaphor for two persons that are living on both sides of the planet but they have exactly the same way of living and reactions of there lives. The visual aspects are synthesized anthropomorphic forms that are in the connection between them. My sculpture is trying to describe the “Human nature” that is always consciously or unconsciously in searching for his or her “Twins” somewhere in the world. The internal connection between the two bodies that are unifying together or they already have been unified. Trying to distinguish from one another, they go to extremes of their forms, but however to resist and wanting to get away from each other – they can not. Why? They are twins, their karma and soul is not connected by untangling the knot. This node or non-fissile relationship between these two bodies can also contact links with our heritage, culture, and tradition. Every land has its own offspring and they are always connected with land, nature, and culture – it is their heritage for the present and future.

© Rafail Georgiev – Raffò





Title: "Twins connection"

Dimensions : 100 X 34 X 24 cm

Material: basalt

Place: Rome, Italy

Year: 2013

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