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That future is hiding in the past harmony

Evidently the name of the project “That future is hiding in the past harmony”, it can be perceived more like a conclusion than a normal name for s sculpture. Anyway, the meaning of this conclusion can be found in the retrospective view of my sculpture projects – I look back in the past because it is a big resource of ideas and forms that can be Reviewed with the eyes of the contemporary art, but more than that to provoked the logic and to build a thoughts by asking a questions about the past, the temples, the religion, the philosophy, etc. My sculpture is a provocation for this big question: Do the archetype forms are still in function for the contemporary sculpture or they are removed by new ideas?! “That future is hiding in the past harmony” project, inspire the future by his forms of a “past harmony” and symmetry. The sphere in the middle, bring us back to this idea about the perfect form that is hiding inside the architecture of the time. In the 21st century, there are not so many opportunities to create a futuristic sculpture of stone, even if it’s combined with other materials. There already made a lot of combinations that now they aren’t futuristic at all. My propose is to look behind us in the past and learn, then create new points of view for the contemporary sculpture from this research.

©Rafail Georgiev – Raffò






Title : "That Future is Hidiing in The Past Harmony"

Dimensions : 240 X 100 X 100 cm

Material : hard limestone

Place : Ma'alot - Tarshiha, Israel

Year: 2015



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